Winter denim jumpsuits, jackets and more by OSKA: rethinking winter jeans

When the days get shorter and the temperatures cooler, it's time for OSKA denim. Time for relaxed denim jeans and on trend denim dungarees or denim jumpsuits.


For sustainable denim trousers, jackets and more for women. In short: for slow fashion that designs jeans differently. That's why our current collection is made of eco-friendly cotton from the Better Cotton Initiative™, creating captivating looks for years to come. Our autumn and winter jeans are reimagined, high quality trousers - boasting lots of considered details. Our warm denim jackets and skirts are modern statements of feminine confidence. Discover denim by OSKA for your autumn and winter. And experience timeless casual elegance.

Have a relaxed autumn and winter with denim trousers and denim wear by OSKA

Have you heard of the Better Cotton Initiative™ (BCI for short)? This initiative aims to improve production standards - both for cotton farmers and for the environment. At OSKA, we use only BCI cotton for our denim collections. That’s how we create slow fashion that’s more sustainable, especially when it comes to denim wear.

Our denim trousers and coats redefine the concept of classic autumn or winter jeans. The current OSKA collection takes off from well-trodden fashion paths and offers new, exciting shapes that are as urban as they are feminine, as versatile as they are classic, as relaxed as they are elegant. Discover our casual denim trousers for women, with barrel leg or culotte style. Experience the subtle elegance of denim jackets with a boxy look that simply fits anytime and anywhere - in the office as part of a casual business look or when you’re enjoying your spare time. Create looks that are full of surprises. Whether sewn-on pockets, discreet lapel collars or an elastic waistband for more comfort, you’ll fall in love with the carefully thought-out details of our denim jumpsuits, trousers and jackets or dungarees for women, that can only be discovered at second glance.

Ladies’ winter denim jumpsuits and more by OSKA: warm looks for autumn and winter

Would you like to add more denim in your autumn and winter wardrobe? Meet the denim trousers and jackets by OSKA for complete denim looks that always look timeless and confident. Don’t forget to take a closer look at our autumn and winter collection. Discover wool jumpers and winter coats that you can easily combine with denim trousers for women. Or wear a winter dress and warm denim jacket combined with winter accessories for an appearance that makes a lasting impression. Essentials like sweatshirts, blouses or cardigans also go perfectly with our autumn and warm winter jeans.

We especially love the unique look of denim dungarees paired with a high-tech jersey jumper. Top it all off with a scarf, add an OSKA bag - and voilà! The perfect autumn and winter look.

Discover the endless possibilities our latest denim collection offers you. Wear pure denim looks or mix things up with your favourite wardrobe staples. Create urban, timeless, feminine and above all sustainable outfits. Because OSKA makes denim for many seasons. For every woman who wants more than just a new pair of jeans.